Diabetes Haiku #HAWMC

I missed day 4 of the #HAWMC…I hang my head in shame.  But I did manage to post something…I just wasn’t feeling entirely creative.  Oh well.

Today is a different story.  Today I have mustered up the creativity to put together 17 syllables of poetry.  Are you impressed?  So, once again, here goes nothing…

Dreaming of ice cream.

Chocolate cake and pizza too!

Bring on the insulin!

(For some reason I feel that a haiku needs to be written in the color of bamboo…not sure why.)


Health Acrostic #HAWMC

I am not a poet.  But I have decided to take on the #HAWMC challenge and will attempt to make a post a day on this blog for the month of April.  Thus, there will be poetry, and various other forms of creative prose that I am not always good at.

So, here goes nothing… 😉

During work I sometimes go hypo.

I find myself making more typos.

After work’s done,

But before fun’s begun,

Everyone thinks I’m a psycho.

This could’ve been prevented, (had my)

Encephalon* relented, (allowing the)

Sugar to cause me to mellow.


I suppose limerick’s don’t combine well with acrostic poems (or with my lack of poetry prowess)…too bad I don’t just have “Diabe”…oh well.