Afordable Health Care for the WIN!

Supreme Court upholds health care law

While there is still a ways to go to get affordable health care to all Americans, today’s decision was HUGE step in the right direction.  The Supreme Court has upheld the right of the government to incentivize people to obtain health insurance via tax penalties.  This means that there will be a larger pool of money to allow health insurance companies to reduce costs.

The court struck down the part of the law that uses Medicare/Medicade money as leverage to enforce the new law.  My understanding is that Medicare and Medicade were a means by which the law expanded coverage to a significant portion of low-income families.  This means there will be a few more political battles in the near future to work out those details.

Nonetheless, we have done away with denying insurance to people with preexisting conditions (something that has cost my family A LOT of money in the past) and young people under 26 (another thing that left me uninsured for almost half a year).  I am finally beginning again to believe that my government really is looking out for my best interest.

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