This is goiong to sound stupid…

Recently, my insurance company shifted my OneTouch Ultra test strips to the top tier of my prescription coverage (meaning that they went from being $60 for a 3 month supply to $150!) and left me with Freestyle Lite strips as my only affordable option.

At first I was angry.  I use an Animas/OneTouch Ping and I often bolus from the remote, which used OneTouch strips exclusively.  I wined and complained and managed to get a free meter (or two) out of the deal, but ultimately, I have had to make the switch to using Freestyle.

It has been a couple months now and I have gotten used to dialing in my BG for correction boluses again.  I have even found the Freestyle meter to have many redeeming qualities; the flashlight that illuminates the test strip is nothing short of the best idea ever, the strips (which fit 50 to a vial as opposed to OneTouch’s 25) barely need any blood at all, and the strips have a cute little butterfly on them.

However, there is one thing that continues to bother me about Freestyle:  After each BG test, I grab the strip with my teeth to pull it out of the meter and suck off any excess blood.  (Does this make me a vampire?)  Then I drop both the strip and the meter back into the little owl coin purse from which they came.

The problem is this: Freestyle test strips taste funny.  There.  I said it.  They have a weird chemical taste that OneTouch is lacking and I hate it.  I hate it more than I love the strip illuminating flashlight.  More than the cute little butterfly adorning each strip.  More than the custom skins I can decorate my meter with.

I hate the taste of Freestyle  strips.