G4 Platinum (aka The One with Terrible Photography)

I have nothing but love for my new G4 Platinum Dexcom system.  Here are a few bulleted points on the matter:

  • Smoother lines.  I’ve seen some discussion in the DOC about the new Dexcom varying from the old.  Personally, I see this as a plus.  If the new behaved exactly like the old I would assume that no improvements had been made.  The pic below shows the same 24 hour period (7+ on my arm, G4 on my thigh) and you do see differences in the graphs.  Looking at these from a purely analytical standpoint I would conclude that they are presenting me with the same data, but the G4 has a better signal to noise ratio yielding a smoother and more accurate graph (I can’t, however, say for certain if this is due to differences in sensor placement if it is real).

How’s this for a double (almost) no-hitter!

  • The wire is visibly narrower (sorry no picture) which means a more comfortable insertion/wearing experience.
  • I ❤ the color screen (aside from being somewhat more difficult to read in the sun):

Yay for color screens!

  • Smaller – fits more discretely in my pocket.
  • No silicon cases therefore, more likely to slip out of my pocket.  This is a bit of a problem but will hopefully not result in a receiver in the toilet incident anytime soon.
  • Back to accuracy:  G4 – 140 mg/dL; 7+ – 142 mg/dL; Freestyle – 144 mg/dL (taken about 8 hours post-calibration in the AM).  Can’t complain.


  • Getting new D-gadgets makes me a better diabetic (at least for a little while)…


  • Can anyone tell me what the right arrow button is there for??  I’m certain that I have not once had reason to push the left arrow.  This irks me.