Cupcakes for the WIN!

Here in Boston, a group of us diabetics have been getting together over dinner, drinks, and sometimes cupcakes. These gatherings are loads of fun; we keep it informal and unscripted and we tend to laugh a lot and eat a lot.

Last week, the plan was to get together at a local cupcake bakery to indulge, then find a place to eat said cupcakes and hang out.  On the day of, I emailed M the address of the place to see if he’d be willing to drop me – I never would have made it in time if I have to drive home during rush hour then take public transportation – and jokingly this is how he responded:

Seriously, diabetic meeting at a cupcake store?

I will drive by and take a picture for the fail-blog…..

My first response to this email was to roll my eyes and chuckle – I can certainly see the irony.  But then I got to thinking: Is a group of diabetics eating at a cupcake shop really a FAIL, or is it actually more of a WIN? 

Here is my logic.  A FAIL would imply that we were acting under some false assumption that what we are doing is ok.  I would, however argue that it is not a false assumption.  With modern medical technology, a diabetic is equipped with the tools necessary to essentially function like a pancreas.  We also have the knowledge to correctly dose for the cupcake, and in some cases the will power to eat only half, or avoid the frosting.    To me this sounds like a WIN.

What do you think?