I have Type 1 diabetes.  And sometimes I forget that no one else knows what I am talking about.   So, here are a few terms that may show up occasionally.

If I missed anything, head on over to the diabetic nerd of the Diabetes Terms of Endearment.

A1c – A blood test that gives an idea of a persons average blood glucose levels for the last 3 months.

Animas – The insulin pump variety that I use used for 12 years prior to switching to the t:slimAnimas website.

basal – refers to the baseline amount of insulin a T1D receives throughout the day to combat the sugar released by the liver.

blood sugar refers to the level of glucose in the blood.  For a non-diabetic, this number is usually between 70 and 120.  Those of us with diabetes are happy below 150.  Reported in mg/dL in the US.  Referred to as BG.

bolus – refers to the insulin a T1D gives to counter act the carbohydrates in a meal.  Also given to correct a high blood sugar level.

CGMS – Continuous Glucose Monitoring System see Dexcom

D-****** – the preffix “D” deems that whatever term follows is to be considered as it relates to diabetes.  (See D-gadgets)

Dexcom G4 Platinum – The CGMS that I use and often refer to as Dex.  Dexcom website.

D-gadgets – Any piece or technology related to diabetes.  Sometimes they make me feel bionic.

DOC – Diabetes Online Community 

high – referring to hyperglycemia

hyperglycemia – Blood glucose levels above 140 (for a diabetic, above 120 for a non-diabetic).  Symptoms include extreme thirst, frequent urination, upset stomach.  see high

hypoglycemia – Blood glucose levels below 70.  Symptoms include shakiness, dizziness, sweating, and lethargy. see low

insulin pump – A device worn by a T1D that offers a continuous flow of insulin. see Animas; t:slim

low – referring to hypoglycemia

PWD – Person With Diabetes

Symlin – injectable, synthetic amylin, a hormone produced by a healthy pancreas (ie, not mine) that helps lower blood sugar in three ways: 1) slowing the rate that food moves from the stomach to the intestines, 2) lowering the amount of glucose produced by the liver, and 3) triggering satiety after a meal which helps to control the appetite and decrease food consumption.  For more information, click here.

t:slim – A new touch screen insulin pump from Tandem.  I got mine in Nov 2013.

T1D – Type one diabetes, aka the lazy pancreas disease.  The cause, care, and outlook for the T1D person is different than that of the T2D (type 2); not better or worse, just different.  For a more technical comparison, click here.

The Big D – Diabetes


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