I am not a doctor.  I do not now have, nor will I ever have a medical degree.  Nothing here is written to be medical advice, so please don’t use it as such.  These are my personal experiences, ideas, failures, and successes and should not be considered to be anything else.  So, please, if you’re making changes in your diabetes life or need medical support, please consult your doctor.  Remember, YDMV.  And thanks for visiting my blog 😉


One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. As somebody who has worked at Amylin and Dexcom, it’s very eye opening to read about experiences of somebody who uses the products. I personally am not a diabetic so i cant really connect with the products on the same level as somebody who uses them. But i do really hope they turn out to be quality of life improving products. I know both companies are working really hard at improving their current products and hopefully these will have an even greater impact and reliability.

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