About Me

They call me Melanie, and I’ve had T1 diabetes since 1992, got my first Animas pump in 2001, switched to Tandem in 2013, and have used my Dexcom 24/7 since 2009.  Welcome to my blog!

I currently live in Boston, Mass with my boyfriend of nearly a billion years (M) and I work as an R&D chemist at a tiny start-up company.  Previously, I’ve lived in South Bend, IN (grad school), small town NE (undergrad), and Waukesha, WI (my first home). This blog came to be after moving to a new “big” city and learning to adapt D to a more pedestrian lifestyle while making new friends and assimilating to a new job.

I write infrequently; whenever I feel I have something to contribute.  I am a nerd and a technophile as may be apparent here and here and would welcome suggestions for new D-topics to research and write about int he future.

Thanks for visiting!


All comments are welcome!

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