Diabetes Loves Company #HAWMC

I write about my health because diabetes loves company. Diabetes is a lonely disease.  Of the 8.3% of Americans who have diabetes, only 5% of diabetics have type 1.  Only 0.26% of all American’s under 20 have any form of diabetes – I was one of those 0.26% for 14 years of my life.  I’ve […]

The Glucose Geyser

uring a low yesterday,  I made a discovery.  You see, at Company X, we have refrigerators full of free carbonated water.  I typically am not a fan, but we have the stuff laced with fruit essences so I can tolerate it from time to time.  Anyway, so I was low and was munching on a […]

Taking Diabetes to Work

I started my new job at Company X last week. I have my very own cubical equipped with my very own computer, phone, and stapler; my very own fume hood equipped with a fancy new Schlenk line, vacuum pump, and shiny stir plates and lab jacks (I am a R&D chemist, btw); a slew of […]

The Interview

Since writing my thesis in December and moving here to Boston, I have been on the job market. I’ve had a few interviews here and there but all of a sudden, right as I’ve begun to get a bit desperate, I have three interviews (all good, respected companies) within a week.  The prospect of having […]