I Blame Christmas

I’m having one of those weeks; one where D is behaving like a unsupervised 2 year old on an airplane.  Infusion sites are turning into giant purple bruises on my stomach, or becoming strange unabsorptive lumps on my thigh, or failing to stick properly and falling off within hours.  Meals are being bolused for 5 minutes late and I’m paying for it for 12 hours after.  Insulin has been behaving more like saline, requiring me to bolus at least 1.5x what I think I need to cover anything; I’ve been stacking insulin on insulin, drinking my weight in water, and keeping a constant eye out for ketones (none, thankfully!) but my BG hasn’t been under 150 for more than an hour or two in the last three days!

I’m sure the sushi buffet for Christmas, combined with the stocking full of Reese’s cups and almond Kisses, then the Indian buffet yesterday, and the complete upside down schedule involving way more TV than normal haven’t helped but I’m choosing to blame Christmas.  Christmas was the motivation for the majority of those aforementioned food choices.  Christmas is the reason I’ve had time off work to spend too many hours sitting in front of the television.  With Christmas comes cold weather and with cold weather (and no car) comes a lot more staying home to stay warm. 

I'm ready to quit!

I’m ready to quit!

That average daily dose is about 20 units higher than my normal daily dose.  You’re probably looking at the picture above (of the worst summary screen shot of my adult life) and thinking that it must not be a very realistic summary of the last 3 days, maybe I failed to enter lower numbers into my pump that didn’t require a correction?  While that’s somewhat true, the next screen shot from Dex proves my point:

Worst 3 days in history

Worst 3 days in history

That’s right. You’re looking at 3 full days with an average of 79% above target! Typically I can at least manage to reign in the beast overnight; but not at Christmas!

I am not a Grinch.  Really.  I’ve had my Christmas tree trimmed for a couple weeks and the stockings have been hung with care.  I sent out my homemade Christmas cards and decorated my fridge with the cards and pictures sent by my friends and family.  Christmas is the one holiday M even remotely gets into and I love how opinionated he is about the tree needing to be decorated only with red, the twinkle lights can only be white, and the tree isn’t complete until topped with a star.  Christmas means hot chocolate and singing and mittens and warm tidings (whatever the hell those are).  What’s not to love?

Despite all that, this year I’m thisclose to giving up on Christmas.  If it’s just going to return my love with sticky high blood sugars and teeth sweaters and an increased A1c, then I’m going to boycott.

But then today, the day after the day after the day after Christmas, I wake up with a BG of 65 and level off to 135 after breakfast and I remember that Christmas is over.  I can use the weekend to return to my regularly scheduled food/activity routine, and my blood sugars will return to normal.  I suppose this is what New Years resolutions are for, huh?

I guess Christmas can stay...

I guess Christmas can stay…


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