Shapeways 3-D Printed “Brixometer” Dexcom Cover

After having (and wearing out) a couple of silicon sleeves I adapted to cover my Dexcom G4 receiver, I started looking for another, even sturdier option.  Eventually I stumbled across a TuD convo about 3-D printed Dexcom covers.  For under $15 (plus shipping) I now have this form fitting hard plastic cover that was 3-D printed just for me.  (Well, it’s made to order so that’s kind of like it was made for me, right?)

Dexcom Cover

It fits my receiver like a glove, has a slightly textured surface giving it a pretty good grip, and is open on the end to allow easy access to the charging port. (Or, if your sliding charger port cover has fallen off like mine has, you can simply turn this case around and it will fit in the other direction and cover the port when it’s not in use.) Plus it has this nice pattern of holes intended to lighten it and add grip which also give it a nice black and white polka dot look (that I kind of love).

Dexcom cover

As of now, I haven’t had it long enough to comment on durability but I’m feeling pretty good about it so far – the girl who originally posted about it on TuD claims she’s had hers for a few months and it’s holding up well.

To get your own, follow this link to the listing on the Shapeways website.  I bought the “White Strong & Flexible” variety but it can also be purchased in a few other colors and a slightly smoother texture as well.


All comments are welcome!

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