Switching to the t:slim

http://www.tandemdiabetes.com/Products/t-slim-Insulin-Pump/It’s been nearly 9 months since I last posted anything on this blog.  Either this post will the turning over of a new leaf or maybe I’ll neglect the blog for another 9 months.  Only time will tell.

Until then, I’m here to tell the world that I’m making the change over to Tandem and should receive my new t:slim within a couple weeks.  I’ve been using an Aimas pump for nearly 12 years.  I stated on their IR1000 model (a brick with a cord), switched to the IR1250 (for the carbsmart calculator and the free iPod mini that came with it), then my beloved Ping.  As far as I’ve always been concerned, no other brand was even worth looking at – Animas is and always has been fully water proof (I’ve worn it under waterfalls, and in lakes and pools), has easy (enough) to navigate menus, and great customer service. (Although it was better back in the day when everyone else was on minimed and I was Animas’ only customer.  Not really, but that’s how it often seemed.)  I remember fighting my doctor to subscribe Animas over minimed.  I knew it was the pump for me and I couldn’t be convinced otherwise.  And to this day I have always had great experiences with my Animas pumps.

Then one day there was Tandem.  The t:slim is smaller, holds more insulin, is rechargeable (no more expensive lithium batteries insurance would never pay for), has a touch screen which allows carbs and BGs and boluses to be typed in instead of dialed, and the ever ellusive back button.  I was instantly twitterpated; it’s like Tandem knew all the things I wanted out of a pump and poof there it was!

Yet I remained reluctant.   Tandem does not offer pump trials; the t:slim is not water proof (merely water resistant); and perhaps most importantly is a start up company just breaking into the market with a first generation product.

And then my Ping’s warranty expired.   Do I sign up for 4 more years of Animas or do I take a risk and give this new company a try?  They have a 30 day return policy (from start-up day) and the only way they make to the next generation is by having customers willing to give them a chance.  Plus they’re teamed up with both Dexcom (integration, please!) and the dual-chamber-bihormonal-closed-loop-pump people at Mass General so they have a bright looking future.

I got word of my approval today and I’m pumped (excuse the pun).  Let’s hope it’s worth the gamble.

All comments are welcome!

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