It’s here!!


It’s here! It’s here!!! I began the process to upgrade nearly a month ago but it’s finally here!

Funny story, I was tracking the package obsessively as it made it’s way from San Diego to my workplace in MA and I knew that it was to be delivered by FedEx today.  My good friend, B, who manages the shipping and receiving department, assured me that the truck comes at 10:30.  So, of course, I check the tracking info at precisely 10:35 to find that Delivery Failed! Business closed/Recipient unavailable. Delivery will be attempted on next business day. And, of course, I began telling everyone who would listen.  At 11:45, I left lab to have lunch/call FedEx and tell them how disappointed I am by their actions (we were clearly NOT closed!) only to find the box sitting nicely on my desk.  (Yay!)

I learned an important lesson today; do not check FedEx tracking precisely 5 min after a scheduled delivery time.  Wait at least an hour.

I suppose now I have to update my blog header with a new photo…


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