Evolution of Insulin Delivery

In the Beginning, there was Regular and NPH delivered via disposable ultra-fine hypodermic syringes, circa1992.

Sometimes with the “help” of funny little contraptions designed to “hide” the needle, or speed up insertion.

Then came insulin pens.  At first, they were made to look like any other pen with all of the Rx info printed only on the disposable cartridge inside the pen.  I switched to these pens around 2000.

At some point, pens became entire disposable units.  Luckily, I never used these…

…because I began pumping in 2002.  I chose Animas because, at the time, they were the only waterproof pump on the market.  Despite pull from my doctors to choose MiniMed, I insisted.  My IR1000 pump was a brick, but I loved it.

I didn’t so much love the infusion site insertion.  Equipped with a 2 inch needle that needed to be inserted manually, I was still grateful to not to have to take 4+ shots per day.

Then, in 2006, Animas came out with the new IR1250 which had a built in food database for carb counting, smaller dosing incriments, and a sleek new design.  Goodbye brick, hello future!  (It also helped that the new pump came with a free iPod nano.)

The new pump also came with a new way to infuse.  Automatic insertion quickly became my new best friend.

Ping became a part of my life in 2010 (I always managed to get an entirely new pump system whenever my warranty for the old pump expired.)  With the remote in hand, Ping and I get along swimmingly to this day.

In 2011, I added Dex to my D-care team and I am now patiently awaiting the release of Dex and Ping’s child, Vibe, which will hopefully take place soon! (Ping’s warranty is up in 2014, hint, hint!)

It feel like the only thing left to wait for is a completely integrated, closed loop system,

Or maybe just a new one of these:

Isn’t he cute?


6 thoughts on “Evolution of Insulin Delivery

  1. Love the post and love the blog! I’m a huge sucker for puns, so when I came across your site I laughed for several minutes. I use a Ping too! Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?

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  3. Love it! Somehow I missed the pens but blood testing at home didn’t exist when I started. I feel like Father Time (well Mother Time). Good job! xo

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