Cupcakes and Insulin

Yesterday I met up with Abby and Kerri of Six Until MeBriley of inDependence, Katie of 1LittlePrick, and Tina of @CollegeDiabetes.  We began the night at Johnny Cupcakes (no carbs, no fat, no sugar!) and ended the night at Sweet (approximately 30g carbs, and 2 inches of sugar frosting).  It was a great evening – we laughed, ate burgers and cupcakes, and scoffed at the outrageously priced T-shirts at Johnny’s.

Since this was the second Boston meet-up, and both have revolved around cupcakes, it seems only fitting to adapt a classic Johnny’s T-shirt (which costs $35, btw!) into a D-shirt.

Actually, I think this would look awesome on an apron


4 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Insulin

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