New Sensor Rediculousness

While risking the possibility of this turning into a blog where I simply post pictures of Dex graphs, I felt that this one needed to be shared.

And I went to sleep around 150 and woke around 135...

Every time I start a new arm sensor, it goes completely berserk for the first 2 or 3 nights, then it proceeds to provide spot-on glucose readings for the next 2 weeks.   The image above is an example of this overnight craziness.  While it is entirely possible that I hopped above the line briefly, there is NO WAY I shot up to 400 over the course of 20 minutes and recovered to 135 by morning without any additional insulin.

The back of my arms are my second favorite place to put sensors (I prefer thighs) but if I lose two or three nights to data like this, I’m not sure it’s worth it.  I think it has something to do with the way I sleep – on my side, with my arm under my pillow.  This likely puts pressure on my arm and the site and causes the interstitial fluid in my arm to pool and increases the glucose levels. (I really don’t like the idea of this, btw)  I can deal with that idea.  But if that is the case, I don’t understand how the problem can just go away after a few nights?

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? or want to hypothesize with me about how the sensor learns to deal with it over time?

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