If it weren’t for diabetes…

I was flipping through the channels the other day and I stopped on one of the PBS channels.

“…M, who is that guy?  He looks familiar but I can’t seem to place him…”  They were playing Les Miserables and it was at the duet between Marius and Eponine – A Little Fall of Rain.

“Don’t know. Why?”

“He just looks so familiar.  He’s definitely an actor…but I can’t figure out what I’ve seen him in…Oh, wait…I think that’s Nick Jonas…”

“Who’s Nick Jonas?”

That’s when I realized that I’ve never actually seen Nick Jonas act.  I’ve also never heard his music.  At 26, I am just a little outside of his target demographic.  So, why do I know who Nick Jonas is?  Because he’s a diabetic, of course.  Like me.

If it weren’t for diabetes, I wouldn’t know who Nick Jonas is.

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