The Perfect Pet (for a Diabetic)

Meet Hatschi.  Hatschi is an African pigmy hedgehog, whose name is German for “achoo!” (That’s right.  Like a sneeze.)  M and I got him almost a year ago, after watching a video on YouTube.  Truthfully, I’ve always wanted a hedgehog (because they have such cute little noses) but it wasn’t until M fell in love too that I saw fit to take the plunge.

Hatschi makes a good pet for many reasons.

First, he has these tiny little legs that should not be able to move as fast as they do.  (Here’s a link to a video since I couldn’t manage to get mine to upload.  Stupid .MOV file)

Second, he curls into an impermeable ball of spikes then flails wildly to escape.  (Again with the .mov file craziness.  But this link should make you smile.)

Third, he can get into crazy tight spaces.  Like the time he climbed all the way up M’s pants, which had to be removed to get Hatschi out again.

Isn't he cute from this angle?

Fourth?  When you have a hedgehog for a pet, you are never far from a lancet.  Hatchi is a walking ball of lancets and he leaves them behind everywhere he goes…

…similar to the way test strips follow in my (and most other diabetic’s) wake.


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