Die-abetes vs. Live-abetes

First a little update:  As of 7/21 I was reunited with Dexcom and had planned to write a long Ode-to-Dexcom post but, alas, life had other plans.  Dex and I are living together quite happily now and I have forgiven him for his crazy, suicidal escapades.

In other news, I continue to be bad at updating this blog.

And to the point: How awful is it to have a disease with “die” in the name?  Seriously, who came up with that bright idea?  Especially since diabetes doesn’t have to be a death sentence.  In fact, this day and age, with all of the modern technology available, it should really be called live-abetes.

Normally I think of the word diabetes as just another word; only one that applies to me more than most.  But in just the right context I really HATE that word.  I hate having a disease looming over my every thought and action.  I hate having to think about every bit of food or tiny bit of exercise.  I hate having my pocket space constantly taken by my pump and CGM and leaving nowhere to put my cell phone.

But being a diabetic just isn’t that bad.  I may be hooked up to multiple pieces of medical equipment, but I always have the time.  And I may have to go to the doctor on a regular basis, but at least I understand what it means to be “healthy” and I don’t fear the doctor’s office the way many of my non-D friends seem to.  And, although it isn’t always my favorite topic to talk about, I have been able to connect to people that I may never otherwise have known (which is a big deal when you move to a new city where school no longer exists as kindling to start friendships).  D sucks but I can certainly live with it.

All comments are welcome!

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