FedEx Sucks

I live in an apartment complex with 14 apartments.  There are buzzers with all of our last names and apartment numbers on the panel which allow each of us to know when someone (or something) is here and we can buzz open the door and received what or whoever is at the door.

My new Dexcom receiver was scheduled to arrive today after the last one died when it jumped into the toilet.  Since I have no real job am still job-hunting, I decided to wait at home for my precious new receiver to show up so I wouldn’t waste a minute of my time with it.  It’s been a week by now and I’m going through some serious Dexcom withdrawals.  So I waited and waited, constantly updated the tracking page, and, to my surprise, found the tracking page updated to read “Jul 19, 2011 2:47 PM, Delivery exception – Customer not available.”  What the f#@$!?!?  I’ve been sitting here waiting like a crazy Dexcom-addict waiting for the delivery and not ever, especially not at 2:47pm, did the buzzer ring.  I ran downstairs to find that no delivery tag had been left on the door.

So I called FedEx.  I explained the situation (and that it had happened before) and asked why the computer would say a delivery attempt had been made when one clearly had not.  Apparently the driver remembered stopping by but couldn’t find my apartment number on the package and didn’t have my phone number, so he left (um… my name is on the buzzer panel, moron!).  But, there is no tag on my door.  (Apparently leaving a tag is only a courtesy, not a policy – they must not have felt the need to be courteous today.)  AND, since the guy was already back from making deliveries for the day (it was only 4:30) it can’t be delivered until tomorrow.  But, if I am willing to drive 40 minutes to the FedEx facility where it is currently located (I am not), I can pick it up by 8pm.

After hanging up the phone, I threw it across the room.  These FedEx people had just taken away all hope of my being reunited with Dex in the next 36 hours (I won’t be able to wait around for it tomorrow).  Talking to these customer “service” people just made me so angry.  They had an excuse for everything.  Nothing was their fault.  And they were willing to do nothing to make things right.

In the intrest of preserving the lives of inanimate objects from my apartment (my phone survived, btw), I need to just stop thinking about it.  Hopefully this will be the last post sans-Dexcom that I will write for awhile…

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