Any minute now…

Dex is scheduled to arrive today!!  I’ve been without for days now and the 7-day average on my meter shows it.  I haven’t been running obscenely high, because I’ve been testing 10+ times/day, but I also haven’t been able to see the highs coming and stop them short like I usually do.  And, I’ve been afraid to use my Symlin on a few occasions because it has a tendency to make me quite low if Dex is trending in any sort of downward path when I take it.  But, alas, all will be normal again in a matter of hours!

I feel like a kid waiting for my parents to wake up on Christmas morning.  I’m sitting at the foot of the Christmas tree staring at all of the wrapped gifts, bouncing up and down with excitement.  Only in this scenario I know exactly what will be in the box.


2 thoughts on “Any minute now…

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