Today I hate technology…

It’s been 24 hours and Dex still isn’t breathing.  I just got off the phone with Dexcom and a replacement receiver is $200.  Which is $20 more than I paid for the entire system (after insurance)!  The really, really sucky part is that just about a month ago, my old receiver spontaneously combusted died without cause or warning due to an internal hardware malfunction and needed to be replaced.  It was 2 months out of warranty at the time, so rather than getting a free replacement, I had to purchase an entire new system through my insurance.  And now, just one month later, the new receiver drowns in the toilet and I have to dish out more money.

I realize that my $180 Dexcom system is a bit of a bargain compared to what some people pay, but my crappy $9/hr job working a register in a local cafe isn’t quite enough to cover rent likewise these unforeseen costs – I’m still paying for the last Dexcom bill.

I just hate days like today where life just isn’t fair.  I should be saving this money to pay off my school loans, not buying a replacement CGM.  And where does Dexcom get off telling me that “we recommend using the sport case and keeping the Dexcom attached to your belt…”  Well, 1) I’m not always wearing a belt, and 2) I don’t want to look like Batman.  How hard is it to manufacture a tiny indentation or threaded hole so that I can attach a low-profile clip directly to the receiver like the Ping?

I can’t wait for the Vibe to come to the US.  I LOVE the information Dex gives me but I’m sick of having all of my pocket space devoted to carrying D-gadgets, especially when one of them is so much bigger and bulkier than it needs to be.

Well, that’s all for my rant today.  I have two job interviews coming up in the next week, so I will hopefully be able to afford to replace Dex soon.  Until then, the name of my blog will have to be OneTouch and the City.

2 thoughts on “Today I hate technology…

  1. That’s a good idea that I never thought of. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be covered. I suppose it’s about time I actually get renter’s insurance seeing as I’ve been renting now for almost a year…

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