Leafing It

As of yesterday, I am leafing it.  In the past 3 years, I have gained 40 pounds, mostly in the first year.  I attribute the massive weight gain to a combination of rapid A1C reduction, new birth control pills, a discovery of my love for cooking, and a new boyfriend with a ridiculous sweet tooth.  At the beginning of all of these things my A1C was over 9 (the lowest it had been for quite some time), I was single, and at my lowest weight since before puberty.  Currently my A1C is down to 6.1 (!), M and I have been together happily for over 2 years, and I am at my all-time high weight.  A year or so ago, when I really noticed the weight gain, I tried working out but with my new-found lower BG levels but I couldn’t work out for more than 10-15 minutes without going wicked low.  I tried all kinds of things to keep my blood sugar up, but was too overwhelmed and quickly stopped trying.  Truthfully, I have never been one to work out.  Actually, I hate it.  With a passion.

Anyway, back to that new leaf.  I started going to the Joslin Clinic, here is Boston, three months ago.  For the first time in my D-life I had an entire diabetes team, not just an Endo.  They quickly zeroed in on my problem areas and helped me to at least exist in Boston without going incredibly low every time I step outside.  After a session or two with my exercise pathologist, she recommended the Joslin Why WAIT? program.

I was reluctant at first – I’ve never dieted, and I certainly have never seen myself as fat.  (No daddy issues thus good self-esteem.)  But after some consideration and long conversations with M about the cost/benefit ratio, I decided to give it a try.  I couldn’t deny the extra weight any longer and figured this was going to be the best, if not only way, to really deal with it.

So, as of Wednesday, I am on a 1500 kcal diet, substituting breakfast and lunch for a Boost Glucose Control shake (lunch also comes with a salad), cooking the 600 kcal dinner entrees (600kcal is A LOT of food!) that have been provided for me, and spacing 400 kcal worth of snack throughout the day.  I’ve also started taking Symiln before all three meals, and exercising regularly.  I will do my best to keep the blog updated with my progress and any helpful tips that I pick up along the way.

I have high hopes that the program will solicit some positive changes.  After just one day of the new diet and the Symlin, my total daily dose of insulin has dropped from around 75u to 35!  And I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the day.  Although my numbers were trending a bit low for my liking, my Dex graph was nearly perfect for the last 24 hours and I didn’t take a single correction bolus.

So, the new leaf has turned, and I’m hopping for a happy outcome!


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