Radio Interference

My old computer speakers are particularly sensitive to radio interference.  They make these loud, obnoxious noises whenever I make or receive a phone call or send a text, and occasionally pick up a stray police radio signal.  I’ve had these speakers for at least 5 years; they are from a time when cell phone use was minimal.  So, when I plugged them after three years of unuse, I wasn’t too surprised to notice that the problem had been somewhat amplified.

Now, when I make a call, the speakers go completely crazy.  The outburst can be brief or may continue for the duration of the phone call depending on my proximity to the speakers and the position of the moon over Hawaii.  But, lately, they have been making these short, quit(er) outbursts without any obvious provocation from my cell phone.  Which leads me to believe that maybe I am the cause of the obnoxious speaker sounds…and by I, I mean Dex.

M claims that the speakers only behave this way when I am in the room, and Dex does function by transmitting a radio signal to the receiver…

Hi.  My name is Melanie, and I am bionic.

All comments are welcome!

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