Diabetes is Annoying

Here are the the things that annoy me most about diabetes (in no particular order):

  • Ugly 15 day old  Dexcom sensors on my arm that prevent me from wearing short sleeves on the first warm day of the year.
  • Having to plan everything from eating to walking in advance in order to keep my BG from misbehaving.
  • Envying my friends who inadvertently flaunt their functioning pancreases (pancreii??) in front of me.
  • Sensitive infusion sites that hurt for no reason after only a day.
  • Having no money to go out and have fun because I just stocked up on pump supplies and sensors.
  • Having to find a job with benefits.
  • Lows whilst out for a walk.
  • Being placed on mailing lists meant for AARP members.
  • Needles.
  • Feeling guilty for wanting a brownie.
  • Having all of my pockets occupied all of the time with pumps, and Dex receivers.
  • Always needing to carry a purse to carry all of my D-stuff.
  • Lows at “bed” time.
  • Stubborn highs.
  • Talking to inanimate objects like a crazy person.
  • Lows in the middle of the night.
  • Showers burdened by infusion sites and sensors.
  • Treating M like crap because I’m having a low and he’s just trying to help.
  • Lows during exercise.
  • Dedicated shelf space for D-stuff.
  • Not being able to wear pants without pockets.
  • Having to explain.
  • etc.

All comments are welcome!

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