Does this look like an old person's BG meter to you?

I signed up to receive a free Bayer ContourUSB meter the other day.  I have used One Touch meters almost exclusively over the last 20 years but I can’t resist a free meter.   But this post isn’t about the free meter – I have yet to receive that.  This post is about the mailing list I ended up on as a result.

Yesterday I received a packet of coupons in the mail.  The envelope was labeled “Healthy Lifestyles” and had a picture of too white-haired grandparents sitting in a field of wild flowers.  Inside I found a huge stack of coupons for things like The Walk In Bathtub, a vacuum erection enhancement device, a low-impact workout trampoline, Life Alert,  a $15 “Water Scams Exposed” report, H2Go constipation relief, life insurance, canes, hearing aides, cholesterol medicine, various vitamins and supplements, and air purification units.  There was also the token free diabetic cookbooks, blood pressure monitor and BG meter ad, and an AARP membership renewal card.  Clearly the target demographic for this particular coupon pack is not me, a 25 year old professional with type 1 diabetes.

I hate that I always get put on these mailing lists.  I am not old, I do not have a handicap or any physical limitations, and your cookbook does not contain the secret to cure my disease.


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