Conversing with Dex

Like a crazy person, I find myself referring to and speaking to Dex like he’s a real person:


Me: “What do you want? I just had a juice box 20 minutes ago.  You can’t possibly think I need another…”

Dex: “LOW: Below 60” arrow pointing due south

Me: “Fine.  If you insist.  But I am really getting sick of all this apple juice!” Drink juice box.

20 minutes later.


Me: “SERIOUSLY?   What’s your problem? I can’t just drink juice boxes all the time –  I have other things to do you know.”

M: “Umm…Are you talking to your Dexcom receiver?

Me: Realize that I am, in fact, talking to an inanimate object. “Well, he started it!  This makes me look a little crazy, doesn’t it?” Drink juice box.

I enter the living room with a spoon and a quart of black raspberry chocolate ice cream.

M: “Hey! Don’t eat that!”

Me: “But Dex said I could.”

M: “I didn’t hear him say that.”

Me: “Well, he’s on vibrate.”

Me: “ZZZzzzzzz….”


Me: “ZZZZZzzzzzzz…”


Me: “Shut up and let me sleep already! I hate you!”

Dex: “BEEEE-I’ll-shut-up-after-you-pay-attention-to-me-EEEEPPP!!”

M: “Wake up!  You’re low! And stop the beeping!”

Me: “Fine” Groggily push Dex’s buttons and bolus a quick correction. “Are you happy now?  Let me sleep already.”

Dex: “…”

The End


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