Double Standard

Here is a snippet of a conversation I have had with many different people:

Me:  I have type 1 diabetes…

Them:  You have diabetes?  That’s SO cool!  My friend/dad/dog/Nick Jonas has diabetes too!

Me: Yeah…cool…

So, all the cool kids have diabetes, huh?  I just LOVE being a part of that club…  When did it become appropriate to refer to a chronic illness as “cool”?  Don’t get me wrong – I am very comfortable in my own skin – but I never know what to say in these situations.   If you call my insulin pump or my Dexcom cool, fine – the technology that keeps me alive is pretty cool – but diabetes isn’t cool.  Diabetes sucks.

Now, this same conversation with another diabetic would go more like this:

Me: I have type 1 diabetes…

Them: You have diabetes?  Me too…

Me: That is SO cool!

And suddenly I no longer have a problem with the use of the word “cool”.  Oh well.

All comments are welcome!

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