My New Normal

Back when my A1c was in the double digits, I didn’t really know what high felt like.  Since my BGs averaged in the 200s, those numbers felt normal and anything beginning with a 1 or below felt low(ish).  I could still, for the most part, distinguish between a real low and one of these lower-than-normal lows, but I never felt high.  And since, for me, high was never as debilitating as low, I wasn’t too worried.  Of the following list of high symptoms, the few that I may have been feeling, I could write off for various other reasons.  For instance:

  • Frequency in urinationI wasn’t going any more often than I normally go
  • Thirstisn’t it good to stay hydrated?
  • Dry mouthtoo many salty snacks
  • Urination at nightbut if it’s normal…?
  • Drowsiness or fatigueall teenagers are tired, right?
  • Loss of weightI wasn’t losing weight (but for all the snacks, I certainly wasn’t gaining any).
  • Increase in appetitegrowth spurts
  • Slow healing of woundswhat wounds?
  • Blurriness in visionneed new glasses
  • Dry and itchy skingenetics and dry air

And since lows were so infrequent, every single low felt like the end of the world with all of the tell-tale symptoms rearing their ugly heads.  I would sweat and shake and stumble through every word until I ate my way back to feeling normal.

More recently, with a BG average closer to 120, my world has turned upside down.  I start to feel high when the Dex graph creeps above 150 for more than 5 minutes, during which time I chug gallons and gallons of water to no avail and want nothing more than to stay glued to the couch with a cookie.

While feeling my highs is probably a turn for the better, I now have trouble noticing lows.  I spend around 50% of the day between 70 and 90 and dip down to 50 at least once a day.  But now I don’t feel low until that number is well below 40.  I still have the occasional low at 65 but usually the symptoms don’t show up before Dex has alerted me to the problem, I’ve corrected with a juice box, and my number is on the raise again.  So, sometimes I’d rather just turn my basal way down and try to wait it out.

But am I making low my new normal?  Have I ventured too far to the other side?  What good are symptoms if I can’t feel them anymore?

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