Dex and the City

There are hundreds of diabetes blogs out there – hundreds of people have opened up their lives to share their hopes and fears with the “world” in hopes that someone might read them and feel a little less alone.  I am no different than the rest of these people.  I have had type one diabetes for almost 20 years now – that’s over 80% of my life.  After avoiding D for most of my adolescence, I have finally reigned in the monster.

Like many, my introduction to the DOC began with a Google search of something D-related that brought me to Kerrry’s infamous sixuntilme blog.  From there I found a few other blogs that I could relate to, began to chat on Twitter, post picture on Flickr, and was finally a part of community who would share in my D-successes and failures.

I started on Dex just over 6 months ago.  Since then, my A1c has dropped from 8.something to 6.1 and I finally feel comfortable in my D-skin.  Then, a month ago, I moved to Boston from the Midwest and am now learning to live life as a diabetic pedestrian.  So, that’s the story of “Dex and the City.”

One thought on “Dex and the City

  1. Welcome to the ever-expanding DOC! Great to have you here sharing with us, and I’ll look forward to reading more and keeping in touch with what’s going on with “Dex and the City.” Clever name, by the way.

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